First win in Euro Series F.3000

sep 24, 2006

First win in Euro Series F.3000


Roldan, the driver from Team Minardi by Piquet, got the victory in the first race of the Euroseries 3000 in the Circuit de Catalunya, after dominating the race following the pole position.


The never ending rain that was falling the day made the race to start with a wet track, so the organization decided to make a start according to avoid accidents in the first curve, so the first two races were made behind the safety car. After it left, the driver from Valladolid maintained the first position.


Fastest Lap


Rodriguez started by performing the fastest lap as the race went on. After him. Ricci, D’Ambrossio and Petrov tried to get hi but it was impossible as Roldan committed no mistakes crossing the line in first position, ahead of Ricci by 7,5 seconds and Petrov that during the last laps passed his team mate.


“I’m very happy to have won the race and the truth is that I really desired it. It is a victory that I want to dedicate to all my team that has supported me during the good and the bad times”.

About the race that will take place today by 15:45, Rodriguez pointed out how difficult it will be to fight for victory as he begins eight. “I’m going to try to get podium or the win, but I’m aware of how difficult it is”.