sep 03, 2006



Roldan Rodriguez achieved again another victory in the first race of the fifth meeting of the F3 Spanish Championship help yesterday in Albacete, having made also the fastest lap.


The driver from Valladolid that started out in the pole position due to his performance in the trials, made a great start together with Barba, that started second. Both pilots imposed a frantic rhythm to escape from the rest, but when they had managed to open a gap between them and the rest, an accident between Risatti and Prost made the appearance of the Safety car obligatory in the second lap.


After re-starting, the drivers from the Valencia team maintained their position, chased by Moserrat and Jimenez. When there only lasted five laps to finish, Moserrat got out of the track, leaving an easy third position to Jimenez.


Rodriguez and Barba enter the finishing line achieving again the first two positions for their team Campos F3 Team and third during the season after those already made during the races of Valencia and Estoril. As a prove of the toughness of the race, seven of the pilots were out.