oct 22, 2006



The driver from Valladolid, achieved yesterday an important win in the first race of the seventh meeting of the F3 Spanish Championship in Jerez, that allows him to get to close to the leader Risatti, that was fifth.


The race was full of accidents, as at the beginning Nuñez, Jimenez and Sanchez crashed, having to pull the red flag out and thus, repeating the start.


In the accident was also Risatti, that choose to enter the pit lane to check the damages, an action that was investigated later.


After the new start, Roldan came perfect from the pole position, being after him Cortes, Martinez Ucha and Prost. After the first laps, Ucha was out, While Roldan, Cortes and Prost managed to leave. Cortes tried to pass Roldan but he had no chances.