apr 05th, 2009


Roldan did an excellent 4th position in the first race held at the circuit of Sepang, Malasya, from the GP2 series. Roldan had to engage in a tough battle during the whole race in order to pass the rest of the competitors and climb from the 9th position up to the 4th. This way, Roldan will start today his second race (7:30 am CET) in a magnificent 5th position that can allow him to keep on climbing up positions and fight for the victory.


It was extremely hot during the whole race. After the beginning, D’ambrossio that left with the pole had problems with his car and had to head to the box, so he left Nunes on his own. The fast paced tempo imposed by the leading drivers made the strategy of changing the tires key for success. Jakes and Petrov were close to Nunes and none of them seemed to decide when to enter to change the tires since they did not want to lose their chances and also in order to avoid drivers that already had lost a lap. Finally were Jakes and Petrov whom decided to enter, being Kobayashi and Nunes the next ones to do the same. The efficiency displayed by the teams resulted in no changing of positions after the box stops.


Roldan Rodriguez choose to push as much as he could the change of tires and that strategy gave him excellent results as he could pass Buurman and Maldonado as well as being able to take more risks and pass also Petrov once he had the new tires.


However, Roldan Rodriguez was not completely satisfied: “I have a bittersweet taste after this race. I have to be happy of how the race has turned out, with no mistakes and going always to the limit. But I didn’t get to the podium and I will have to wait to the next race”.


Roldan thanked his team for the great strategy although he remembers how he almost crashed with Buurman. “We have got right the strategy o when to change the tires and the team has done it perfectly. When I left Buurman behind when entering the track again, we almost collide, it was fun”, says Roldan.

The heat reigning in Malasya and the humidity throughout the whole Grand Prix was a handicap for all the drivers. Roldan had some issues with the water dispenser, “you can handle it if you’re going straight, but in each braked, when the discs get to 800 degrees, the heat entering the car is stifling and you’re always soaked in sweat. To make it worst the 5th or 6th lap it got empty so I could not drink for the rest of the race”.

Today, from 7:30 CET, Roldan will come back to Sepang’s circuit with the intention to win the race although he is careful and declare that “if starting 9th I could end up being 4th, if I have no problems I might have options to be in the podium”.