January 13th, 2010

Roldan Rodriguez announces he will not compete next season.

Roldan Rodriguez will not be part of any competition in 2010. He will take a career break untill a good chance flourishes to be able to compete at top level.

«The reasons behind this decision are personal and lack of sponsorship. I’ve had this year a great oppportunity to jump to F1, but it’s been impossible to do so due to the lack of a sponsor. It’s a been a life dedicated to the sport that has given me some good memories, good times but I’m in a place in which my only motivation is to compete against the best and for today, that seems to be impossible».

«I want to thank everybody that has supported me throughout these years specially during the last seasons in GP2 and I hope to keep on giving them some good times in front of a steering wheel as soon as possible. In the coming future I will work in matters outside the driving world and maybe sometime in the future the door that leads to what has been my passion since I was a little kid will eventually open»