Valladolid 25-03-2007


The Racing world transform Valladolid’s streets in to a show


More tan fifty thousand people, surrounded the urban circuit anxious to see the driver that will take the name of Valladolid along the GP2 circuits.


Those that joined the show enjoyed the 650HP of his GP2. Valladolid had for some hours the aroma of circuit. A party cheered up by the speaker Albert Guerrero.


A day that was a Racing party. A unique event and something that has never happened in Valladolid, where the city center turned in to a circuit, is a party and as a tribute to a sport with so much history and followers.


All kinds of manoeuvres were performed, skidding, changing the tires…


Two hours of roadshow that will remain in the memory of Valladolid as it will in it’s driver Roldan Rodriguez.