sept 15th, 2008


Roldan Rodriguez (FMS) achieves the 2nd position in the Italian circuit of Monza.

Roldan’s start, with a wet track due to thin rain that kept falling, was just amazing, he started from the second line and before the first curve he had already passed Valsecchi, which was first and Belgian D’ambrosio. Valsecchi closed Roldan’s way, so he had to move from the left side of the track to the right one, while in the middle the Italian and the Belgian were fighting for what is was going to be second position getting to first detour. Roldan Rodriguez, taking advantage of the fight that was being held behind him started to take profit out of it and in the 4th lap he was 2,6 seconds ahead of Valsecchi, who was second behind Frenchman Grosjean (ART).



The track was starting to get dry and due to this, Valsecchi was driving faster than Roldan and by the 9th lap he passed him on the braked of the first detour. If the Italian was getting some advantage, Grosjean became also a menace to Roldan at the middle of the race. During the 12th lap of the 21 that has this championship, Grosjean passed the Spaniard, in the first detour, but in the second curve of Lesmo he opened too much space and Roldan got his second place back. Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado (Piquet Sport) did also gain some positions and got close to Grosjean, but despite the pressure Roldan managed to control the situation and achieved waht it was his best result this season crossing the final line second and being the first Spaniard to be classified in the World Championship.



Regarding his future, Rodriguez didn’t want to reveal a thing. “I’ve been in the F1 all Winter long and I’ve learned quite a bit. Until the right moment rise, I’m going to take my chances here in GP2. In the coming future something good will come. Next week everything will be ready, I hope”, he said.