First victory in F3

jun 26, 2006

First victory in F3


Roldan got the triumph, followed by his team mate Barba. Barba and Rodriguez started second and third. Barba was third while Roldan was second after Cerqueda. When only they had two laps made, Rodriguez attacked and managed to pass him.


Rodriguez started to gain distance, riding at a good pace for a long time, which lead him to get the fastest lap, later to be surpassed by Risatti. After him. Barba tried to reach his team mate followed by Cerqueda and Risatti, that was coming fast.


Risatti passed Cerqueda and was third. He performed a great battle with Barba that managed to fight him back, achieving the second position, while the Argentinian committed a mistake, getting him fifth.


The driver that got third was Molina.


With the `points achieved yesterday by Roldan, he becomes fourth in the general.


Next race of the championship will be the 2nd and 3rd September in Albacete.


Roldan after the race said that “He was satisfied with the victory because I think I deserved it as I proved during the race held on Saturday. I made a good start and after that I became first with the intention to escape from the rest. I want to dedicate the victory to the team as we made a great job”.