Aug 22nd, 2009

Great race in which Roldan got fifth and will start fourth on sunday’s race

Roldán did a great job under some hard conditions due to the heat and humidity that were present in the urban circuit of Valencia, achieving the fifth position even though he had to face some issues regarding the gearbox that made him lose one position, getting it back when he stopped to change the wheels.


«It has not been my best start, the tires slide a bit, I think the rest made a good start so everything came together and I lost my positioning. Besides that the race didn’t have much history in it, I didn’t make mistakes, when I got passed by Parente half the race it was due to a problem with the gearbox. That has been the only issue, after that the car went alright and I’m happy with it», the Spaniard said.


You got your position back after the box stop.

«Yes. It was a very good stop, when got told to enter box, Parente was a second ahead of me and in by the entrance braked to the pit lane I think I got that second back, I came in very close and passed him there. It was very good»


Was it the toughest race of the season?

«Yes, it’s pretty hot inside there, feet and hands get so hot that you get blisters all over them and your feet feel as if they were on fire. It’s a tough race, I would say the toughest and it will still be because after this comes Spa and we know how it’s like, Monza is in September so it is hard, I had to do it and I didn’t make any mistakes, so I’m very satisfied.


What can we expect?

«I can expect to make my own kind of race. Today, during the third lap, I saw through the side mirror an accident that almost got me and for tomorrow I have nothing in my head, just to start well and let happen whatever that has to happen; nothing can be planned in this race, just making a good performance and push it to the max is all that matters».