4th position in his F.3000 debut

may 07, 2006


4th position in his F.3000 debut


The driver from the Team Minardi By GP Racing, Roldan Rodriguez, ended up fourth in the first race of the Euro 3000 Championship in the Enzo e Dino Ferrari de Imola and it also was his debut.

The driver from Valladolid, that started as fourth, lost a position in the start, that was accident full, as when only two turns had been done an accident occurred in which three drivers got involved, one of them being Rodriguez’s teammate, Juan Caceres.


Rodriguez could finally get position back after passing the driver ahead of him, having to cope with a fourth position after suffering some issues with the breaks that made him lose some time.


Finally, the victory was for Ricci, followed by his team mate Bonanomi and Martini.

Mindardi’s driver opens this way his point count as he had to miss the first race due to having to compete in the F3 Spanish Championship in which he takes part as part of the Campos F3 Team.

“I think I could have reach the podium. In the first lap I was Harmed by the accident, as I was almost touched by other driver. During the race I had issues with the brakes, but I could get fourth. Now I only have to think about tomorrow’s race, in where I think I can achieve a great result”, said Rodriguez.