dec 5th, 2008


Roldan Rodriguez (Piquet GP) has qualified in third position at the first race in the second trial of the GP2 Asia Series Championship, won by Japanese Kobayashi (DAMS) followed by Italian Valsecchi (Durango).

Rodriguez who started as 4th made a great beginning, like Vasecchi and passed Yamamoto (ART) and Russian Petrov (Campos), getting to third position.



Before the compulsory stop to change tires, Roldan managed to pass Valsecchi and got second, in a very competitive race.

In the last third of the race Kobayashi, that had started on first position in the change of tires had been passed by Rodriguez, got the first place back, while the Spaniard went back to third position as Valsecchi managed to pass him too, even though them two held a tough battle until the end of the race.

Javier Villa, who begun the race in 14th position, ended up being 9th, while Mexican Perez was 6th, just behind his team mate in the team Campos, Vitaly Petrov.